Replica Lighting

Replica Lighting

Choosing the right lighting and the right replica lighting when decorating your home is one of the most important elements that will add personality and character to your loving home. The right type of replica pendant lights can bring a completely new atmosphere to your room and make a beautiful ambiance. Furthermore, the right kind of lighting can create special warmth in your home and make it completely unique.

Our beautiful and elegant replica lighting makes every room radiate with pure elegance & vintage atmosphere. Although they would go perfect with vintage design homes with the right idea in mind and the right vision you can make these replica pendant lights work with almost every type of interior design from vintage & classic to modern & minimalistic. Our beautifully designed replica pendants will brighten every room.

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Agnes 6 Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman for Roll & Hill - Alpha Lighting & Electrics
brushed brass round wall lamp with round frosted glass shade
Signal Sconce Replica
Regular price $299.00 $79.00
Replica Agnes 14 Chandelier
Replica Agnes 14 Chandelier
Regular price $1,899.00 $999.00
Replica Josephine Pendant
Replica Josephine Pendant
Regular price $149.00 $59.60
Bocci 28.8 Armature Replica
Bocci 28.8 Armature Replica
Regular price $4,999.00 $3,575.00
Luna Pendant Light Replica
Luna Pendant Light Replica
Regular price $1,250.00 $675.00
Luna Chandelier 2-Tier Replica
Luna Chandelier 2-Tier Replica
Regular price $2,389.00 $1,375.00
Halo Pendant Replica Light
Halo Pendant Replica Light
Regular price $895.00 $199.00

Alpha Lighting & Electrics Replica Lighting

Our homes are our sanctuaries, the place where people relax, have friends over, enjoy watching movies, doing their hobbies and so on Some even work from their house and have an office at home. But just like anything else that we own our house too is a sort of a statement to the world. 

That’s why people spend so much time decorating their homes in the right way. Those with a keen eye on detail won’t miss even the tiniest thing when it comes to decorating the house just like they envisioned. Sometimes money can get in the way of your vision and we at Alpha Lighting & Electrics think that shouldn’t be the case, especially when you want your home to be a reflection of who you are.

We believe that people who work hard deserve the best and that’s why we have replica lighting pendants at special affordable prices. These products are a premium replica made from only the highest quality materials. All of our products and especially replica pendant light are rigorously tested for quality control throughout each stage of production. 

Although the vision of a perfect home can sometimes become a little too extravagant with wishes of enormous pools, private cinema rooms, and private gyms some of these things are actually pretty achievable but with being just a bit smaller. The key to making a perfect home for yourself is a good plan that will allow you to have almost everything you envisioned for a better price. 

The same goes for replica lighting pendants. You can have the best lighting with high-quality finishes which will make your home shine with perfect light. Having the right lighting is one of the key ingredients when creating the home of your dreams. Lighting is actually the secret ingredient of successful interior designers. And know you have that information as well. 

With replica lighting pendants from Alpha Lighting & Electrics, you will get the chance to revamp your home, office space, cafe, restaurant ( you name it) without breaking the bank. Just like any other designer items they usually come with a big price tag, but with replica lights, you will get to enjoy high-quality designer pieces that will suitable not only for your wallet but also for your space. 


Replica Lights 

You can see that in our collection of replica lighting we have only the select most beautiful replica pendants that can be found on the market. Our experience as a company based in Melbourne has given us a deeper insight into what people find aesthetically pleasing and would love to make a part of their home. 

We understand that people are always looking for new and innovative designs and that trends are constantly changing and evolving. Although we only have a select few replica lighting pendants they are the best for a few reasons. Even though trends come and go, timeless elegance fused with modern elements will never go out of style. Especially when they are made with much attention to detail and from the highest quality materials. And quality certainly will never go out of style. 


On Sale Replica Pendant Lighting 

We have fantastic replica pendants that were designed by Sandra Lidner, Marcel Wanders, Xavier Lust, and Serge Mouille. 

We have Sandra Lidner’s Selene pendant from 2006 which is classically beautiful yet simplistic which allows it to be displayed in almost any setting. She studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg where she worked with metals and textiles. She also spent a lot of her time studying architecture and opened her first design studio in 1996. She aimed for single-piece production meaning that her every piece would be unique and one of a kind. 

The Selene lighting replica pendant is made from hand-blown clear glass which gives it a clear and crisp finish making it look so fantastically minimalistic with a contemporary retro atmosphere. 

Then we have Xavier Lust’s sophisticated designed which is a fantastic combination of a digitally designed crease in a piece of cloth with a silhouette that is applied to a ceramic base. These ultra modernistic lighting replica pendants designed by Xavier Lust will make any space look retro with a dash of the avant-garde. The outer part of the lamps can be found in white, underglaze red clay and grey which is a result of recycling different enamels. These high quality replicas of the Xavier Lust Pleat Box pendants are absolutely true to the original design.

The fantastic Serge Mouille designed his angular insect-like pendant as a reaction to Italian models which he claimed were invading the market in 1950. He criticized them for being too complicated. So he designed his Three-Arm Ceiling lamp in 1958 which is a hanging interpretation of his original Three-Arm Floor Lamp. This fantastic lighting replica maintains the original kinetic and sculptural aesthetic with all of the lighting solutions like the joined arms with diffusers, the washer and six-sided screw hardware which forms reflectors with refined lines of steel tubing. This piece has had a worldwide renovation and has become a part of some of the hottest bars, clubs and commercial establishments and can be a part of yours too. 


Sky Garden Pendant

Marcel Wanders was inspired to design his sky garden pendant when he lived in a house that had an antique decorated plaster ceiling. He called this sky garden because that was his garden on the ceiling. The sky garden pendant replica is replicated in the intricate details inside the lamp shade that has such a beautiful minimalist yet modern design. 

This lighting replica pendant is made from fiberglass and has a subtle and detailed carving that brings any interior to life. There is a marvelous fluid floral procession that runs through the entire pendant and is a part of cafes, bars and restaurants all over the world. Over the years this wonderful and minimalistic pendant has become a critically acclaimed design. 


Shop Our Replica Lighting Online

Shopping online for our replica lighting pendants at Alpha Lighting & Electrics an online retail store based in Melbourne has never been easier. As you can see when you start browsing through our collection of replica pendants you can easily access to “add to cart” option and shop easily and safely. 

Alpha Lighting & Electrics have an amazing collection of lighting and we as a highly experienced Australian company know what’s in demand, what people want from design. We know how to perfectly blend the old with the new making our lighting unique, well designed and essentially high-quality at a special price. 

Alpha Lighting & Electrics offers free shipping on all orders over $99 within Metro Areas of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. A small additional charge for shipping will apply for customers from Western Australia, Tasmania, and any regional or remote areas within Australia. These areas are not covered in the Free Shipping offer, and the applicable delivery fee will be confirmed at the time of checkout.

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