Stage Lighting & Event Lighting Spot Lights

No event or stage can be set without the all to famous ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ moment. Therefore, we at Alpha Lighting carry a large selection of stage lighting and event lighting solutions.

With us you can setup your entire show as we also have the much-loved fog machines, disco lights, video screens, stage stairs, and even DMX controllers.

When choosing stage spot lights, it is important to consider how big your stage is, how many performers will be on the stage and how many of them you need to highlight to the audience. A carefully thought out event lighting plan is essential to the success of any show.

The best part about dealing with Alpha Lighting is that we can partner with your lighting/show directors or stage managers throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth and efficient setup and a light show that everyone will be talking about.

For all your stage lighting or event spot light needs, browse our online store or give us a call and talk to a consultant who can guide you to the right lights and accessories for your event.

Remember also to purchase all the stage lighting accessories such as road cases to keep your spot lights safe and protected before installation and after the show is done.

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