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    office lighting

    Modern offices require commercial lighting solutions that are adaptable to the needs of the space and the offices' personnel.

    Alpha Lighting’s broad range of commercial office lighting and LED office lighting solutions not only supports sustainability but can also assist in employee wellness and help can, of course, help to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint.

    Our range of office lighting can be used in any type of commercial areas, such as:

    • Private and Professional Offices require efficient amounts of lighting but don’t necessarily need the amount of versatility required of larger spaces.
    • Enclosed or open office spaces were using LED spots can help to customise your personnel’s lighting needs 
    • Conference Rooms where balanced lighting with low heat output is essential for the comfort of your clients, staff and/or guests
    • Stairwell & Corridor
    • Office Parking where we recommend outdoor lighting for both security and safety
    • Lobby and Reception areas where lighting should be bright and warm and welcoming.
    • Service and Call Centres need low cost and low energy consumption lighting, usually in the form of old-style baton lights or our new LED range

    Office Bathroom Lighting

    These are but a few of the lighting solutions we have on offer, feel free to get in touch and one of our consultants will happily guide you through the process of choosing the right commercial office lighting for your needs.