retail lighting

There are as many (if not more) types of retail outlets as there are people in the world. Ok so we are exaggerating just a bit, but the point we are trying to make is that when it comes to retail lighting it’s not a case of one size fits all.

There are many facets to consider with regards to your commercial retail lighting project.

Firstly, what type of store is it going to be? Is it a large department store? A small fashion boutique? Perhaps it’s a mega warehouse or maybe a small hairdresser or barbershop. With this question answered you can continue your project planning for the perfect retail lighting that will not only enhance and highlight your products but also create a comfortable atmosphere that is likely to keep your customers shopping for longer or coming back for more.

The second question, while we touched on it above, is the physical size as well as the layout. Department stores and warehouses tend to be large, usually square or rectangular blocks, divided by ceiling-high shelves, change rooms, pay points or similar. For these retail stores, large batten lighting or Highbay lights are ideal so they cover a wider area or can be aligned with the shelves and walkways.

For smaller retailers, track lighting, spotlights and LED lamps are ideal as they are versatile and can be set up to direct light to mannequins, products or workspaces or to highlight a featured promotional display.

No matter the shop lighting you need, Alpha has it for you and we can work with you to ensure you find the lighting solutions right for your needs.