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Himalayan Salt Lamp White Organic Shaped 2-3KG - Alpha Lighting & Electrics

Himalayan Salt Lamp White Organic Shaped 2-3KG

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Dimensions Width 120mm x Height 200mm
Globe Incandescent Bulb Included (Warm White)
Voltage 240V
Material 100% Pure Salt
Suitable for Small and Medium Bedroom
Lamp Weight 2-3 Kgs
  • Create a calming & peaceful environment
  • Absorb electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment
  • Release negative ions helping blood flow & concentration
  • Provide a soothing object to rub & hold when stressed
All SafeFlame Himalayan Salt Lamps come packaged with power cable, globe & rosewood timber base.
Whats is Himalayan Rock Salt & why is it so good?

Himalayan salts are said to be the purest and cleanest salts found on the planet, hand mined & shaped they maintain the natural purist form.

SafeFlame's range of Organic Himalayan Salt Lamps are free from electromagnetic fields & create Negative Ions, the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps within the home & office is known for their calming & balancing effects.

SafeFlame's salt desk lamps are the perfect companion for any home or office workspace.