CLA Lighting

CLA Lighting

CLA Lighting is an Australian owned company that was founded in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and was established in 1999. They are one of the leading providers of lighting that is innovative, high-quality and energy-efficient. Their collection of lamps and modern lighting fixtures have helped them to establish themselves as a company that offers high-quality lighting for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

CLA Lighting offers an array of fantastic lighting fixtures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also keeping up to date with modern lighting technology that also includes energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED lighting. You’ll find that we, at Alpha Lighting, have a wide range of CLA products that include indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting. You’ll find that we are supplied with CLA Lighting products that will satisfy all of your needs.

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Modern CLA Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting that we offer from the collection of CLA lights that you can browse through from the comfort of your home are diverse, unique and will most certainly make any indoor space even more beautiful. You can decorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with Australia’s top-quality lighting fixtures that will make any indoor space complete. Furthermore, you’ll find that CLA Lighting is so versatile that they are also the perfect lighting solution for restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial spaces. 

Any type of modern interior design will be complemented by these unique and versatile lighting fixtures. You will find various:


Choose from an array of modern pendant lighting that will take anyone’s breath away. You’ll find that we have in our collection only the best CLA lights. You’ll find unique timber pendants, cage pendants, metal pendants, aluminium pendants and so on. One of these fantastic pendant lights will surely find their way into your indoor space whether the interior design. Be it industrial, minimalistic, bohemian or Scandinavian.

Table Lamps

Alpha Lighting also offers you a collection of beautiful table lamps. CLA lights are widely known in Australia not only for their production of quality lighting but also for the production of unique and modern designs of lighting fixtures. Light up your office desk, nightstand or favourite reading spot with one the eye-catching table lights that you’ll find in our collection. 

Floor Lamps

Find a wide range of wonderful floor lamps and make any indoor space look absolutely stunning. At Alpha Lighting we offer a collection of high-quality modern floor lamps that will serve as a finishing touch in any indoor space be it residential or commercial. CLA Lighting Australia will prove to be one of the best decorative lightings. 


LED downlights are one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting fixtures perfect for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. They are particularly great for commercial and industrial spaces as they reach lower temperatures meaning reduced chances of potential fire hazards. They also serve as the perfect detail lighting as you can create focused lighting for art pieces or walls. 

High-Quality CLA Downlights 

At Alpha Lighting we offer a wide range of high-quality CLA downlights that will not only reduce energy costs but that are also very attractive in design. You’ll find that we have a collection of diverse downlights in a range of different sizes, designs and wattages. 

We offer:

LED Downlights 

You’ll find a collection of CLA downlights at Alpha Lighting. Adjustable, dimmable, with different colour temperature and wattage. They will serve not only as the perfect commercial and industrial lights but will also look absolutely beautiful in residential spaces. 

Flare Street Flood Lights

Light up your outdoors with CLA Lighting flare street floor lights. These lights are the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and residential street lighting as they are energy efficient and offer the perfect amount of lighting required for street lights. 

Mounted Battens 

Mounted battens are a must-have in commercial and industrial spaces. Mounted battens from CLA Lighting are extremely high-quality, energy-efficient, economical and are very easy to install and maintain. 

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