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Domus Lighting

Domus Lighting offers a wide range of high-quality lighting for every space in your home from indoor lighting including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen lighting, and bedroom lighting to outdoor lighting including porches, street lighting, and lighting for warehouses.

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing lighting products for the Australian market, we have developed a highly regarded reputation for being innovative, reliable and quality-driven for the satisfaction of our customers. We are focused on keeping up the good work and are driven by finding the best solutions for energy-efficient lighting.

We are always using the latest LED lighting technologies all in the name of individuals who are looking for beautiful, high-performance lighting while, at the same time, are power efficient.

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Australian Lighting Brand 

Domus Lighting is a 100% Australian lighting brand with years of experience in both manufacturing and distribution of decorative and high performance indoor and outdoor lighting. Our company operates from a modern quality driven distribution facility and advanced head office. 

We are a proud Australian online retail company based in Melbourne and provide a wide range of premium lighting fixtures and electrical components at a very good price. Removing the middle man we offer our customers high-quality lighting and electrical products at lower prices. 

Our customers can find plenty of modern pendant lighting that will complete and complement any living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. You will find plenty of interior design inspiration and will be able to customize your home completely. You will find many striking pendant lights that will make your home shine in a new light. From classic crystal chandeliers perfect for living rooms, hallways, or exclusive modern cafes, to a wide range of minimalistic geometric pendants

You will also find many fantastic table lamps that will be a great addition to your reading spot, workplace or your bedside.  

Because we have been in this business for 60 years you can be rest assured knowing that we have an extensive knowledge of lighting and electrical components that we accumulated through years of practice. Furthermore, our experience ranges from domestic to commercial so you will know for sure that you are going to get the best advice and the best service. 


Domus Lighting Indoor & Outdoor Lighting  

Find attractive decorative lighting for every space in your home. Browse our fine selection of indoor lighting including everything from exquisite crystal chandeliers, statement pendants, to modern desk lamps which are specially designed to attend to every detail making them a perfect asset in your home which will shine in the brightest light. And of course, all the light you need to make your outdoors look shiny and fantastic. 


Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is a necessary part of every household but that doesn’t mean your indoor lighting should consist of yet another boring globe. Indoor lighting can be a way to express yourself freely by taking the role of an interior designer. Get inspired by indoor lighting with a special price and style any space in a way that will make you feel excited to spend time in there! Finding the right shape and style of your pendant, globe or lamp with the right amount of light it reflects will make each and every room unique with its atmosphere. Find the right indoor lighting by browsing through the categories of indoor lighting. 


Categories of Indoor Lighting

Our unique shapes and sizes of various pendant light will make your hallways, living rooms and kitchen look absolutely fantastic. A pendant light sometimes called a drop or suspender usually hangs from the ceiling and is suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod. Depending on their unique shape, size and their rod you’ll be able to complete any room with style. 

We have plenty of fantastic and exquisite crystal LED pendants that will make any space look exclusive and will add luxury with 9K crystals perfectly falling from the ceiling. You will find exclusive disco style crystal globe, wonderful raindrop-like crystal pendants and beautiful crystal chandeliers that will make any interior look and feel glamorous. 

From our collection of bathroom lighting our best selling lighting is definitely the bathroom Hollywood style light that will make any woman feel like a fabulous diva actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood. They make an absolutely fantastic and glamorous addition to any makeup desk and are perfect for a cafe or exclusive restaurant bathrooms. 

Hallways also need to be lightened so our collection of hallway wall lights will not cease to amaze you as well. With plenty of wonderful ceramic wall lights that are not only perfect for hallways but are also a fantastic addition to any bedroom with their dimmable option. 

Great Domus downlight or recessed light will help you create just the right ambiance in any space. By installing a downlight into a hollow opening you will create an illusion of light coming directly from the ceiling. Our selection of Domus LED downlights can be customized by shining and making a narrow spotlight or broad lighting. 


Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting is just as important for the atmosphere of your home as indoor lighting. Our outdoor lighting products will make each time you spend outside special and will make long Autumn nights cozy and short Summer nights shiny. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting suitable for your garden, terrace, and balcony. You will find plenty of different outdoor luminaires ranging from classic outdoor wall lights to modern spotlights. Not only will they be a fantastic decorative and atmospheric lighting they will also bring a sense of security. 


Categories of Outdoor Lighting

There are a few types of outdoor wall lights but there is nothing warmer and more inviting that a wall lantern. Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional feel, a wall lantern with its timeless charms brings a special kind of warm atmosphere to any porch. Here you will find wall lanterns made with copper and iron finishes. 

LED wall lights are another fantastic way to decorate your exterior be energy efficient and feel safe in your home. Although LED wall lights are usually more on the contemporary side of style. But, we offer many different types of wall lamps that will accentuate any kind of architectural style and give your home personality, character and will shine a new light on it. 

If you want to revamp your home in a retro-contemporary way, bulkhead lights are a fantastic option. They offer dimmer and warmer light as they are usually cage-wrapped and are made from frosted glass. We offer bulkhead lights with finishes in black, white, bronze, beige and so on. They are perfect options for a dimmed entrance to outdoor entryways and doorways.

This is something that is completely contemporary and that can bring your home a completely new and colorful atmosphere! LED strip lights are a great way to shine a colorful light on the entranceway to your home. They are used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. We offer white LED stirp lights and fixed single color stip light. They are a great way to add style and small renovation to your home. 
Post lights are a fantastic way to not only decorate your exterior but they are also a great way to make your home that much attractive with its curb appeal. We have a huge assortment of outdoor post lights that will make your home look absolutely cozy, inviting and will be illuminated by wonderful post lights.

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