Post Lights and Bollards

Post Lights and Bollards

Posts and bollards are not only highly practical but they also bring a warm and charming feeling to your outdoors. Every guest is going to feel welcome and on the other hand, unwanted guests won’t be a problem. Outdoor light fixtures, therefore, offer value and can be very versatile.

Australian lighting brand Domus Lighting offers a stream of high-quality outdoor lighting including porch lighting, street lighting, garden lighting, driveway lighting and lighting for warehouses. Domus Lighting is going to offer you a stylish entrance to your home with a wide variety of beautiful outdoor lanterns, not only that but they will also bring you a sense of security as well.

Our unique and elegant lampposts are a common choice among people with a great eye for landscape design as well as landscape designers. Because adding our elegant bollards to your garden can become one of a kind and above all else safe at night.

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Outdoor Post Lights and Bollards That Are Right for You 

Placing outdoor post lights and bollards are can be of great help as they can serve as a guide at night for you, your family and guests, especially in bad weather. They are also very useful for curved and tricky roads as they will help any driver or walker help find their way. Not to mention they are going to add appeal and charm to your home. 

Depending on what kind of look you are trying to achieve for your driveway, you can select different types of post lamps from our collection. Tall lampposts are ideal for large spaces (driveways) as they will illuminate the driveway perfectly. As for gardens and walkways, small bollards are going to softly illuminate them and bring a delicate and subtle glow. 

Alpha Lighting Outdoor Lighting 

Shop our collection of high-quality post lights and bollards in our online shop. At Alpha Lighting we have developed a reputation for being innovative, reliable and quality-driven. And the selection of our beautiful and practical post lights and bollards meet all of these qualities. 

Our collection includes LED lighting technologies with post lamps and bollards in a variety of style and size as well for all the individuals who are looking for attractive, high-performance lighting while staying eco-friendly.  

Our selection of post lights and bollards have the best prices and free shipping across Australia with quick and easy access to your shopping cart for the best online shopping experience.

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