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Discover our latest lighting products, get the designer look, or reach out to us via the inquiry form below to discuss your next lighting project. Lighting brings so much more to your home than just mere lighting. With the right lighting products, including pendants, chandeliers, table and floor lamps you will illuminate your home and create an ambiance you have always dreamt about.

The right lighting fixtures can bring so much more to your space. It will create a special atmosphere and will become an expression of your unique style. Not to mention the wonderful ambiance the right lighting can produce.

At Alpha Lighting you will find everything from modern pendants, crystal chandeliers, fantastic replica lighting, globes, table lamps, floor lamps and more all in one place.

Our wide range of high-quality lighting solutions will bring new light to your home including any indoor or outdoor space and even commercial space.
Shop our pendant lights, crystal chandeliers, table lamps, downlights and get the wow factor in any space.

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Pendant Lights

You can browse a wide range of pendant lights in our online lighting stores. Choose the right pendant lights and express yourself and your style with only the best looking pendants. Sometimes also called a drop or suspender with the right pendant lights any interior will look like it came out of styling decore magazine. 

People usually favor an odd number of pendants over an even number and they will complement any kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and even fancy coffee shops and restaurants. With different styles of the pendant and cords, chains or metal rods, pendant lights will definitely bring a sense of personality to any room.

LED Downlights

You can find plenty of LED downlights in our online lighting stores. From different light globe colors and styles, they are not only subtle but also very energy efficient. A downlight emits and has a focused beam in a downward direction making them perfect for commercial spaces and bathrooms. 

LED recessed downlights are dimmable, high quality, they generate less heat, and we also offer adjustable LED downlights that are perfect for pointing out a piece of art or a particular wall. LED downlights are one of the safest options because they reach lower temperatures and can reduce the chance of fires.

Commercial Lighting

We offer a wide range of commercial lighting in our online lighting stores. You will find commercial lighting for offices, hospitals and different institutions that demand functionality and low-cost maintenance that is energy efficient. Choosing the right high quality LED commercial lighting that is going to be durable is of the primary importance and we offer just that. 

LED lighting offers great advantages over fluorescent lighting. Not only does it last longer but it also generates less heat, meaning that it has a significantly smaller chances of getting caught on fire. Which is essential for buildings and institutions that have a lot of people at once.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are just as important for the atmosphere of your home or any other space, as indoor lighting. Our outdoor lighting products that you can find in our online lighting stores will the outside of your home special. It will make long Winter nights homey and short Summer nights even brighter. 

We offer a wide range of outdoor lights suitable for gardens, terraces, balconies, and street lights. You will find plenty of different outdoor luminaires ranging from classic outdoor wall lights to modern spot lights. Not only are they fantastic decorative and atmospheric lighting but they will also bring a sense of security and will illuminate outdoor areas.

Floor and Table Lamps

In our online lighting stores, you will find beautiful floor lamps and table lamps. They play an important part when decorating any room as they bring a sense of coziness and ambiance and are a perfect addition to any reading spot, or work spot. You will find floor and table lamps in various styles & colors that will perfectly go with your decor. 

While you are browsing for floor or table lamps always consider the mood and ambiance you want to create in a certain room. This will definitely help you to narrow down your options and will help you to perfectly decorate any room. But floor and table lamps are not just for decore as they will shine additional light to any space.

Replica Lighting

In our online lighting stores, you will get to choose some of the greatest replica lightings. Choosing the right replica lighting when decorating your home will add personality and character to any space. Replica pendant lights can surely bring a completely new atmosphere to any room and make a beautiful ambiance. Furthermore, the right kind of lighting can create a special glow in any space and make it completely unique. 

Our beautiful and elegant replica lighting will make any room radiating with pure elegance & vintage atmosphere. These replica pendant lights work with almost every type of interior design from vintage & classic to modern & minimalistic. Our beautifully designed replica pendants will brighten every room

Domus Lighting

Our online lighting stores offer Domus Lighting, a wide range of high-quality lighting for every space in your home from indoor lighting including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen lighting, and bedroom lighting to outdoor lighting including porches, street lighting, and lighting for warehouses. 

We are focused on keeping up the good work and are driven by finding the best solutions for energy-efficient lighting. We are always using the latest LED lighting technologies all in the name of individuals who are looking for beautiful, high-performance lighting while, at the same time, are power efficient.

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