Oriel Lighting

Oriel Lighting

Oriel Lighting has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures in Australia. They have established their presence in the Australian market in the past 30 years. At Alpha Lighting we have a collection of their lighting fixtures that are not only top quality with beautiful design but come also at very affordable prices. They were originally sourced in Italy and Spain where they assembled all the components and product ranges of traditional lighting.

Over time they have adopted modern lighting technologies and unique designs that couples traditional design with contemporary aesthetics. You will see that many of the fittings we offer have a unique and distinguished look that will complete your indoor and outdoor spaces. At Alpha Lighting we offer designer lighting fixtures signed by Oriel Lighting made from high-quality materials are long-lasting and have a unique style that will perfectly reflect your own.

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Oriel Indoor Lighting

Oriel indoor lighting offers a wide range of decorative lighting for your residence or commercial spaces. Their versatility and unique look is what makes people want to invest in these beautifully designed lighting fixtures that are above all else top quality. They are known for their constant innovation in design and technical advancements. At Alpha Lighting we offer a wide range of Oriel Lighting fixtures that will surely find their way into your home.

Table & Floor Lamps

Table lamps are essential for people who work at a desk office or who are big raiders. Especially if they enjoy this hobby during the night. You’ll find that in our collection of Oriel table (and floor) lamps there is a wide range of style, size and wattage. 

You will find everything from the classic “banker” table lamps to modern geometrical shaped lamps. In our collection, you will find even antique looking table lamps that are so beautiful they are an accessory for themselves. As for floor lamps, we also offer a wide range of diverse looking lamps that will most certainly make someone stand in front of them and say wow.

Pendants & Globes

We offer an array of pendants and globes by Oriel Lighting. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and design. From traditional chandelier-like pendants with gorgeous glass details to more contemporary chic and industrial designs. When you browse our collection you will surely find something that is going to be perfect for you. 

This collection of pendants & globes will fit perfectly into your indoor space. Because these lighting fixtures are so versatile they are also the perfect fit for exclusive restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. They will blend perfectly with any type of interior design -- from traditional, bohemian, chic to industrial and contemporary. 

Wall Lights

Wall lights are the perfect choice for extra detailed lighting. Beautifully designed and made out of high-quality materials Oriel Lighting has made sure your wall lights have both beauty and quality. They are the perfect accent lighting. If you have any pieces of art you want to display in your home or some diplomas in your office they will provide you with sufficient lighting.

They are also the perfect bathroom lighting, especially for women who like to spend some extra time doing their makeup. They will be flushed with lighting that is especially important when doing delicate eye makeup. 

Oriel Outdoor Lighting

At Alpha Lighting you will also find an ample collection of fantastic exterior lighting by Oriel Lighting. This collection includes wall lights, pillars and bollards. If you need extra lighting near your sidewalk, front or back yard, porch or you just want to have a nice view of your garden at night these exterior lights will not only serve their purpose but will be absolutely aesthetically pleasing. 

Outdoor Wall Lights 

Outdoor wall lights are the perfect solution for porches. If you like relaxing in front of your house and would like to that at night as well, you will find many, many beautiful outdoor wall lights that range from traditional style to contemporary. 

Pillars & Bollards 

Here you will find Oriel Lighting pillars and bollards. They come in various designs that will make your outdoor space look completely different and beautiful. Whether you like a vintage exterior type of lighting or a more contemporary look, you will most certainly find exactly what you are looking for.

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