LED Lighting

Stylish LED Lighting & Downlights 

LEDs with their modern technology have moved far from those white and sometimes uncomfortable lighting. Because LED technology has advanced so much today you can find perfect illumination in LED lighting

You’ll find that our LEDs range from warm white lighting that resembles natural lighting. They emit wonderful natural light that makes a cozy lighting atmosphere for any living space, office space, restaurants, and cafes. Furthermore, you can choose adjustable LED lights if you want to point our a piece of art or feature a particular wall.

You can also choose adjustable LEDs to illuminate your diplomas or achievements in an office space, point out a piece of art in your living space a restaurant or a cafe. Plus you won’t need to worry because LED lighting is specifically designed to be safe and to reduce heating in comparison to traditional bulbs. 


Types of LED Lighting & Downlights 

If we think like a decorator then we know that the right lighting can enhance the atmosphere we are trying to achieve. That’s why there are different types of LED lights that can help us achieve any type of atmosphere we want in any space we choose. 

With advanced LED technology you can easily adjust your lighting in the way that’s perfect for you. From strong lighting that can point out a piece of art or your diploma wall to cozy and dimmed lights for a more intimate atmosphere. The possibilities are practically endless. 

Dimmable LED light 

Our collection of dimmable LED lights come in various sizes, styles, and colors. You can easily browse through them and find an LED fitting for you. Dimmable LEDs with opal diffusers allow you to create a unique and cozy atmosphere and can transform any bedroom or bathroom into a spa-like wonder.

Dimmable multi-color lighting

In our collection of LED lighting, you will also be able to find perfect dimmable multi-color lighting that will make an atmosphere perfect for each occasion. You’ll be able to select between warm white, cool white or day-light and dim them as you find suitable. 

LED motion sensor lights 

The latest LED technology has come up with motion sensor lights. You can find them in our collection featuring different styles, shapes, and sizes and with different lighting options from natural white to warm light. You’ll find that this type of LED lighting is perfect for an office space or your workplace. 

Low glare LED lights 

Our collection of low glare lights is a perfect lighting solution for multiple and different spaces be it residential or commercial. They were proven multiple times to be the perfect lighting solution for offices, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels but living rooms as well. They also come with dimmable options. 

These are just some of the types of LED lighting you can find in our online shop at Alpha Lighting. You can find the detailed description and specifications of each LED light when you select one. The bottom line is that LEDs can serve as subtle lighting solutions that can be perfectly customized for your needs.


Alpha Lighting LED Lights & Downlights 

At Alpha Lighting, we have a wide range of Domus lighting options from standard LED ceiling lights to oriel lighting solutions and a large selection of power output as well so that you can not only control the style of your lighting but also the brightness. For further control why not choose from our dimmable LED lighting range? 

Not only are they energy-efficient and eco-friendly but they are also a great addition to your overall choice of décor. And if you love to decorate and take care of your living space, office space or any other commercial space, you will find that LED lights will provide you with just the right atmosphere. 

Browse our full collection of LED lighting online and take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $99.