What is LED Lighting?

What is LED Lighting?

You came to read this article because you were wondering what is LED lighting? LED stands for light-emitting diode and it is a type of eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting that comes in a wide range of attractive ceiling and wall lighting, table and floor lamps, chandeliers, and pendants…

Lighting is a key element when it comes to creating a beautiful living space. The right lighting can make your interior from ‚Äúdrab to fab‚ÄĚ. With modern LED lighting fixtures, you can make your home not only more eco-friendly and cut down on electricity bills, but you‚Äôll also create a beautiful environment.¬†

Most modern interior designers advise that when decorating any room, be it your living room, bedroom, bathroom or dining room, you should consider having at least one decorative lighting that stands out. 

LED lighting by itself stands out with its bright color and combined with an interesting table lamp or a beautiful LED pendant you’ll have a lighting fixture that will stand out in any room like a piece of art. 

Because LED has evolved so much there are many types of attractive LED lights that will completely blend with any type of decor in your home. 


What is LED Lighting exactly?

LED Lighting In Bathroom

What is LED lighting exactly? Because we don’t want to bore you with all the scientific stuff that goes into creating LED we are going to put it really simple. LED is a light-emitting diode is a semiconductor that emits visible light when electrical current passes through it.

Fundamentally they are small electrical diodes that emit the soft light. When electricity flows through a diode, atoms build up and create energy. 

There are different types of LED lighting and some of those include SMD LEDs, Bi-color LEDs, RGB LED and so on. 


Why is LED Lighting so Popular?

The LED lighting is widely spread and popular mainly because it is one of the most energy-efficient, budged friendly and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. LED lights last longer, are more durable and offer better lighting than some other types of lighting. 

Some of the greatest benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Brighter lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Requires less wattage¬†
  • Produces less heat
  • Are more durable¬†

They have become a part of almost every kind of lighting -- from car headlamps and streetlights to attractive home lamps they seem to be everywhere. This is actually a fantastic thing considering the fact that LEDs help save energy and improve on lowering energy costs. 


Key Advantages of LED Lighting

    • Energy efficiency - they emit more lumens per watt than other lighting fixtures. And unlike fluorescent light bulbs, the efficiency of LED bulbs is not affected by shape and size.¬†
    • LED color - LEDs emit light of any particular color without using any color filters which is more efficient and lowers initial costs.¬†
  • LED size - LEDs vary in size and can be as even smaller than 2mm, making them perfect for printed circuit boards.¬†
      • Warmup time - Unlike other lighting fixtures LEDs achieve full brightness in under a microsecond.¬†
      • Dimming - LEDs are easily dimmed.¬†
      • Cool light - LEDs radiate little heat that can cause damage to sensitive objects or fabric. That‚Äôs why they are the perfect lighting for highlighting art pieces or something similar.¬†
  • Extremely durable - LEDs usually fail by dimming over time, unlike incandescent bulbs that fail out of nowhere.¬†
    • Long lifetime - LEDs have 35,000 to 50,000 hours of useful life.
    • Shock resistance - LEDs are difficult to damage with external shock.¬†
    • Focus lighting - LEDs can be designed to focus light, again making them perfect for objects you want to place in the spotlight.¬†


    How to Decorate Your Interior With LED Lighting? 

    LED Lighting Interior

    Most modern interior designers advise using LED lights as a form of fantastic decor. The LED lighting can turn ordinary living space into spectacular and unique interiors. LED fixtures combined with decorative details make every living space look more interesting and completely unique. 

    LEDs will brighten up your home in many ways. Not only are LEDs highly functional and can offer focused and soft lighting they also come in a wide range of fantastic lamps, wall & ceiling lighting, etc. 

    There are many ways you can incorporate LED fixtures into your home and create a unique and beautiful design. LEDs can be incorporated into chandeliers, window curtains, they can be used as focused lighting for kitchen cabinets and dining islands, mirror frames and so on. Either way, they will create a beautiful glow. 

    LED fixtures can often create a futuristic appearance as well especially if you decide to incorporate colored LED lights. Just think of the aesthetics of movies like The Neon Demon or Blade Runner 2049 and you’ll get the picture. 

    LED fixtures apart from being extremely economical also produce smooth and pleasant light and often offer various brightness levels. They can be used to brighten up your reading spot or it can emit a soft glow on your favorite piece of art. 

    LEDs definitely offer rooms a completely fresh look and add a contemporary vibe to every modern home. 


    LED Lights for Room Decoration

    We explained what is LED lighting, talked about all the advantages of LEDs and talked about how you can decorate your home with LED fixtures. Now we are going to give you some specific recommendations on how you can use them as room decorations. 


    LED Strip Lights 

    LED strip lights can practically be used almost anywhere in your home. They have the most versatile lighting options. You can use them as decorative accents for your ceiling, on your wall, on your makeup mirror, kitchen cabinets an under-bed lighting and many more. 

    Many of the LED strip lights come with color-changing function, different lighting modes, fade mode, brightness, speed control, etc. They are usually highly customizable and can be used to enhance a cozy or romantic atmosphere of the room. 

    They are also great for reading in bed late at night, you can use them to highlight a certain object in your home and are fantastic for kids’ rooms. Just imagine the fun they can fun with changeable colors! Plus they will certainly scare off the boogeyman that’s hiding under the bed! 


    LED Mirror Lights 

    Every woman has at least once in her life daydreamed about having a makeup mirror where she can place all of her delicate makeup, perfumes, jewelry and that has those beautiful LED bulbs. Just like in the movies. Glamorous.

    If you ever complained about having bad lighting in your bathroom, you’re not the only one. Most of the time bathroom lighting is very unflattering and makes applying makeup practically impossible.   

    This is enough reason to think about investing in mirror lights because it is very practical. But apart from being practical, the mirror lights are a dream come true to most women. Just imagine having it in your room! Simply stunning. 

    Mirror lights are a perfect solution for awful makeup lighting. LED bulbs on the mirror will produce focused bright and natural light that is perfect for applying makeup, plucking eyebrows or when you simply want to admire the face in the mirror! 

    Mirror LED lights usually come with adjustable brightness. The dimmable LED bulbs can vary in size and number.


    LED Globe String Lights

    We talked about how you can use LEDs for your indoor decor but they are also a fantastic addition for your outdoors. LED globe string lights are one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting. 

    They can be a wonderful addition to your garden, backyard, an outdoor party, etc. They provide a ‚Äúpatio ambiance‚ÄĚ making them perfect for parties.¬†

    But they can serve as an indoor decoration as well. You can place them on your wall above a painting, above your windows or above your bed. They will certainly create a wonderful and cozy atmosphere to your room. 



    We covered the majority of questions you could have about LED lights. From what is LED lighting to all the ways you can decorate your interior with them. There are many ways and many wonderful ideas you can employ when decorating your home. 

    We hope that this article has inspired you to try out incorporating LED lights into your decor and that you will be able to that successfully. LEDs are energy-efficient, eco-friendly and a fantastic addition to any type of interior. 

    We at Alpha Lighting offer a wide range of LED lighting fixtures -- from LED ceiling lights to dimmable LED lighting and LED stripes. 

    With most of the LEDs having adjustable brightness, you will find that they will provide you with just the right atmosphere at any time and any place. You are free to browse our collection of LED lighting and if you have any question you are free to contact us! 

    If you have any thoughts you would like to share with us, just leave a comment below! Tell us what you think about including LEDs for home interior and do your tastes differ. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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