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    Floor Lamps | Floor Lights

    Floor Lamps

    At Alpha Lighting we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of lights for your living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hall ways as well as outside your home too. 

    Having the correct lighting in your house makes a huge difference when decorating as it creates the atmosphere and will tone in with the decorations and style of the room.

    Floor Lamps play an important part of the decorating of your room/house as the come in various styles, adjustable, colour etc, which will tone in with your colour scheme of your décor. 

    We stock a wide range of Floor Lamps in a variety of styles, colours and designs and brand names . 

    Below is a list of some of the floor lamps we currently have in stock: 
    Natural Wooden Floor Lamps in different shades
    Adjustable Floor Lamps
    Replica Oriel Floor Lamps
    Bronze Floor Lamps for that exotic look
    Tripod Floor lamps
    Floor lamps in brass and chrome that come with shades
    Floor lamps with marble and marble-look bases
    Modern steel floor lamps
    Twin head floor lamps that are fully adjustable
    LED and Dimmable Floor Lamps

    These are just a few of the floor lamps we have in our online store with new styles added often. Check them out and be sure to take advantage of our $99 free shipping offer.