Frequently Asked Questions

Is this item in stock ?

Yes, we try to maintain a stock level of at least 1-10. We have set up our store so that any products that are out of stock are not visible and any product that is in stock will be visible online.

Do you deliver internationally ?

No, unfortunately at this stage we only ship within Australia.

Do you have a showroom to inspect the item ?

No, we do not have a showroom to inspect the item. The reason we have such great pricing is because we keep our overheads low by only being an online store. This way you can be confident that the product your buying is at the cheapest price available.

Can we pick up the item ?

No, because of the nature of the items they have to be transported very carefully in order to arrive safely and undamaged. We only use the best couriers to deliver our items to ensure the fastest and safest way of transport.

We are after a large order ?

Yes, we accept large orders. For large orders we have to put in a pre-order in which we get shipment once a month. If you need a large order of a particular item, please send us an email to we guarantee an email back within an hour.

Can you offer me a discount for my bulk order ?

Yes, depending on the size of the order we can offer a discount. Please send an email to we guarantee an email back within an hour.

How long does shipping take ?

We try to get the product to our customers ASAP with a guide of 3-5 business days delivered.


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