Hospitality Lighting


At Alpha Lighting, we strive to service the hospitality and hospitality commercial industries, with our diverse lighting range.

Attracting and keeping patrons is challenging for the hospitality and commercial hospitality industry.

Lights create a unique atmosphere and play an important part in the décor of the hotel, restaurant, café, bars.

In addition to its role in facilitating visibility, lighting in hospitality and hospitality commercial lighting also makes a vital contribution to the visitor experience, in many ways.

In a hotel lobby, for example, it is the harmonious interaction between functional and decorative/feature lighting that creates the required ambience and influences the visitor’s first impressions of the venue.

In restaurants and bars, wherever they are located, the lighting underpins an appropriate atmosphere while also often creating an element of zoning between different areas. For example, walkways used by serving staff will typically be brighter than the lighting at tables and other seating areas.

For conference and meeting facilities a high level of flexibility is required to accommodate the different functions in those spaces. Here, the lighting needs to be confined to a suitable control system that is easily used by the venue’s staff.
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