The Art Of Hanging Your Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Pendant lights and Chandeliers can sometimes be a nightmare to get right, especially to a perfectionist. More to the left....more to the right....oh to far, sound familiar ?

My background comes from the trade industry more specifically the electrical industry so I have hung my fair share of Pendant lights and Chandeliers.  I also like to think that I've got a keen eye for detail.

So rest assure this quick guide should help you navigate through the treacherous waters of hanging pendant lights and chandeliers. But remember this is only a guide to positioning the perfect spot for your lights and installation of your light should be done by a licensed electrician.

Kitchen Island Lighting 

A kitchen bench-top looks great with a few or a set of pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Try to get the pendant lights evenly spaced across your bench top this can be done by measuring the length and width of the bench and dividing accordingly. By doing so you create a sense of symmetry and also a good balance of light.

For longer benches its recommended to add more pendants but again this is all up to you and the look you are trying to create.

Pendants lights hung over a kitchen island should be hung around 76-90cm above the bench top depending on ceiling height. For spacing between the pendant lights it is recommend around 70-80 cm between leaving a 15cm gap before the end of the bench.

Something like this :

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Living Space

Make a huge impact to the overall look of any living space, large living room or foyer by adding a glamorous pendant light or chandelier light.

Now this is where you get creative. Sure the standard operation is to add the pendant in the center of the room which still looks great depending on the pendant light and overall style of the room but try get creative, as an example in this photo they have chosen to use multiple pendants at various drops to add a new depth and focal point to the room.

As a basic guide try to keep the pendant lights at least 2.2m from the floor to the base of the pendant lights and add around 6-7 cm of height for each additional meter of ceiling above 2.5m. Also try to keep at least 1.4m from any surrounding wall.

Living Room Pendants

Living Room Pendant

Dining Area

The dining area is where you can truly make a glamorous environment for friends and family. In this space you can get creative with different pendant lights and chandeliers based on the style your trying to achieve.

As a basic rule the common height above a dining room table is that the bottom of the light rests 80cm above the surface of the table. This is so that you allow a good amount of light for the task at hand whether its for eating or for working without being a hazard. You certainly don't want anyone or yourself banging you head on them (trust me its not fun !). Just remember this is just a general rule its entirely up to you how you choose to hang your pendant lights or chandeliers.

Dining Pendant Light


Dining Room pendant Light

Feel Free to drop me an email regarding any questions I'm always willing to help. Hope you got somthing out of todays post and dont be shy to drop a comment :)

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