Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

At Alpha Lighting we offer a wide range of beautiful pendant lights that will provide you with an astonishing finishing touch and the right atmosphere. Lighting is undoubtedly necessary and with decorative pendant lighting, you will be able to display your unique taste by choosing perfect pendant lights. It’s important to have sufficient illumination through any space and with just the right type of pendant light, you will be able to achieve the right ambiance in any room.

At Alpha Lighting we have a great range of decorative pendant lighting suitable to complete the look and bring a certain character to living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways as well as outdoor ambiance.

Our wide range of attractive pendant lights come in various styles, sizes, colors & designs. From fantastic replica pendant lights, crystal chandeliers, wooden pendants, geometrical metal minimalistic pendants to classic and timeless globes, you can be certain that you will find just what you need to complete your home’s aesthetic.
Many of our pendants light are available in LED lighting making them not only appealing but also eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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Pendant Lights & Indoor Lighting

At Alpha Lighting we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of lights that will complete and complement your living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways. 

Having fitting lighting, like our wonderful decorative pendant lights will make a huge difference in your home, aesthetic and lightning wise. Decoration in your home is a part of your expression and will make the right atmosphere and tone in your home. Having a cozy living space lies in the small details. 

We stock a wide range of pendant lights in a variety of styles, colors and designs and many brand names. Below you will find a list of some of the different styles of pendant lighting we have in our pendant lights & indoor lighting range. 


Replica Lights

Our beautiful and elegant replica lighting will make every room radiate with pure elegance & vintage atmosphere. With the right idea in mind and the right vision of your ideal interior design you can make these replica pendant lights work with every type of interior design from vintage & classic to modern & minimalistic. Our beautifully designed replica pendants will brighten every room. 


Crystal Chandeliers 

Our luxurious crystal chandeliers will make any room radiate with elegance and timeless class. Crystal chandeliers are widely regarded as delicate looking and can bring an atmosphere of poise and grace. From beautiful crystal pendant globes to raindrop crystals they will certainly be a perfect addition to any living room, hallway or bedroom. 


Industrial Style Pendants

Industrial interior design is back in style and is bigger than ever, especially in fancy restaurants and coffee shops. You too can have this vintage industrial style details in your home with copper & bronze pendant lights. Our industrial vintage style pendants with fantastic Edison, Victorian or Antique bulbs will make a perfect addition to any kitchen, living room or bedroom. 


Elegant Globes

Browse our selection of elegant globes. No matter the style of your interior an elegant globe can be combined with almost any interior design. You will find plenty of fantastic clear glass globes for a more minimalistic look, smoked glass for a warmer look and classic LED globes that will be a perfect addition to any room in your home. 


Traditional Pendants

You simply can’t go wrong with traditional pendants. With their multiple lighting fixtures, they will bring a sense of poise and grace to any room. If you love Victorian style our traditional pendant lights are just for you. 


Wooden Pendants  

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing nature into your home. And with our wooden & timber pendants, you can do just that. We have plenty of earthy pendant lights that come in various sizes and colors but that mainly resemble earth’s colors like brown, gold and beige. 

These are just a few of the examples of pendant lights we carry. You can check out the full collection to find pendant lights that will suit your taste and décor. We offer free shipping for all orders over $99. 


Pendant Lights for a Brighter Space 

Decorative pendant lights are not only there to literally illuminate your home but to also brighten it up and make it look fresh and new. Pendants and different hanging lights make a huge difference and have had a rise in popularity in recent years. Because this type of decor is about making a statement and expressing yourself and your unique taste. 

Our selection of pendant lighting is very versatile as you can see from the list above. They can be used to make cozy ambient lighting or that can provide you with sufficient lighting while you are reading, writing or doing something your computer. These are of course practical reasons but they are much more than that because they will transform the way your home looks like. 


What to Look for in a Pendant Light?

There are several key elements you should pay attention to when choosing the right pendant lighting some of those include shape, style, color, size, and material it is made off. Our pendant lights come in various shapes and sizes varying from very large hanging pendants suitable for high ceiling to small and minimalistic pendants. 

They can either be hanging pendants or pendants with multiple shades that are attached to a canopy or ord. Because we have such a wide collection of pendant lights you will find everything from simple and classic pendants to something that is more glamorous and ornate. If you have a particular aesthetic in mind you should always check out for different options when it comes to lighting fixtures. 

When it comes to the colors and materials of our pendant lights you will find everything from wooden pendants to metal pendants, glass, timber, copper, and bronze. Because our pendant lighting is made from only high-quality materials the only thing that you should consider when choosing one is purely aesthetical. You can choose from clear glass, timber, gold, silver, black, matt black, copper, bronze, white and more.

As for the shape and style, you will find everything from traditional and retro pendants to modern and futuristic pendants. 


Interior Design & Pendants 

Although people think you have to have high ceilings in order to have pendants, you don’t need to worry because here you will find mini pendants that have shorter cables and that will look equally beautiful on your ceiling. 

We mentioned several times how the right pendant lights can increase the atmosphere and ambiance of any room, but pendants are also perfect for seating areas, workspaces and kitchens and will work as a fantastic centerpiece. They have been proven to be ideal task lighting making them not only a centerpiece of any room but also a very practical choice. 

Pendant lighting has also been proven to enhance the ambiance for restaurants and workplaces that have contemporary and elegant interior designs. They will surely transform the look of any restaurant, workplace, and of course, the look of your home. 

They are amongst the most popular lighting options found across both residential and commercial settings, especially in Australia. Just like so many other residential and commercial that chosen to decorate their space with our pendant lights, so can you. 

You will find that they go with almost every type of interior design from traditional to modern and contemporary interiors. People mostly hand them above the kitchen island bench, or in the living or dining room, you can find them down the hallway or above a stairwell. As for commercial space, you can find the beautifully hanging in cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and retail stores. 

Pendant lights although usually found indoors are also commonly used to decorate and shine in outdoor settings. They can also be placed in a covered roof, porch, verandah, patio and are a fantastic addition to shining a romantic light on tables, benches and all seating areas. 

Our fantastic collection of pendant lighting will be suitable for many different interiors. You will see your imagination coming to life in the most perfect way. Whether you always dreamt about having an art deco interior design living room, or a modern rustic kitchen, or a vintage-styled bedroom, you can achieve all of that with our fantastic pendants. 

Our fantastic replica lights can help you achieve the look of a modern art deco home, it can bring a dash of elegance and luxury with our appealing chandeliers. With our industrial 1940s era inspired pendants, you will get the look of a real retro kitchen you will want to cook in. 

Because they can be used in such a vast way, you can also use pendant lights with or without a shade. That makes them perfect for that 1940s retro kitchen look among others. You can display your vintage style preferences with our vintage looking globes that will create a striking statement. 

You will also find plenty of pendants that will suit many different interior designs with pendants made of glass, porcelain, crystal, timber, metal, and wood. Also with plenty of pendants with adjustable cords, you won’t have to worry about the height of your ceiling because you will be able to decorate even smaller places in the way you always wanted.  


Shop at Alpha Lighting 

At Alpha Lighting you will find a vast collection of different pendant lights including everything from contemporary pendants in various shapes and sizes made of high-quality materials to classic globes, ceiling lamps and crystal chandeliers. And for all the eco-friendly we offer a wide range of LED pendant lights.

With our pendant lighting you will provide your home with the perfect interior design solutions. Our collection of lighting fixtures that vary in style, shape, and size and include many different types of pendant lights in Australia that will make your home shine with the brightest light. 

Decorate your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and hallways with only the best lighting fixtures you can find at Alpha Lighting. Let yourself get inspired by different interior designs and find a pendant that will complete the look of any residential or commercial space.  

At Alpha Lighting we offer free shipping across Australia with all orders of pendant lights over $99!

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